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5 Things You Can Do to Beat the Next Heat Wave

5 Things You Can Do to Beat the Next Heat Wave

How to get a low-cost A/C unit and other help from LADWP to beat the next heat wave

Drought and heat waves aren’t going away. They are here, on a permanent basis. A heat wave can hit any time of year — springtime, summer, fall, and winter. And they don’t go away just because we get a little relief from the heat. They will return, as long as the drought continues. A heat wave hits, it lasts a few weeks, then it’s gone.

This heat is going to last a good while. Drought and heat are a huge problem in California, and it’s getting worse, just like everything else.

For the last several hundred years, we’ve been experiencing a period of higher temps, followed by a period of lower temps.

In the last week, I’ve been writing about the latest in the trend, which is a continuation of the current heatwave. These heatwaves are more common than they used to be. And they get more intense.

It’s a pattern of heatwaves punctuated by a few very strong dry spells. The last heatwave, which I wrote about here, was the hottest in recorded history, with temps as high as 107 degrees. It broke numerous records, including the all-time record for the highest temperature.

When you have high heat, like we’re experiencing now, it only takes days for the sun to drop below the horizon. The higher the heat, the longer the sunset, and the longer the time to go before the next heat wave hits.

The good news is that we always have some good news for us when we’re faced with a problem like this.

We can see a few things that will help us beat the next heat wave.

Heatwaves, like droughts and floods, go away when we get a few weeks of good, dry weather. A few weeks of dry weather is enough to stop the next heat wave. We just need to make sure we don’t take ourselves out of the drought and heat cycle for too long.

Here are five things you can do to beat the next heat wave.

1. Get a good air unit

If you have a single window AC unit or a single A/C unit, there’s only

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