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ASLA to launch “All-Out Campaign” against WTA

ASLA to launch "All-Out Campaign" against WTA

WTA Tour set to return to China in 2023 following suspension over Peng Shuai situation

COPENHAGEN – The women’s tennis tour of China has been suspended by the WTA and resumed in 2023 following the suspension of star player Peng Shuai.

Peng had been competing in singles and doubles in the WTA Tour since the end of last spring until the WTA imposed a two-year suspension on the player following allegations of a sexual assault. The player maintained her innocence and said she would continue to play in the pro tour until the case is investigated.

The Asian country’s National Cricket Council announced the suspension of the top national tennis players.

“As one of the leading tennis players in the world, Peng Shuai has the right to play,” said a statement published by the government’s official news media outlet Xinhua. “The case has been taken very seriously and she will resume her participation in the WTA Tour in 2023.”

The suspension comes amid growing criticism against the WTA’s handling of the case.

The case against her was handed to Swiss authorities on the recommendation of the American Sports Lawyers Association (ASLA), an organisation in support of sport, ahead of the start of the new year.

ASLA president Peter Lik pre-announced in Singapore on Wednesday that his association will launch an “All-Out Campaign” against the WTA during 2015.

The ASLA campaign is due to have the backing of several prominent legal practitioners, media and sports executives, including lawyer Tim Corrigan, TV sports commentators and former player Mike Brearley.

The campaign will be supported by numerous public figures and sports personalities, including players, journalists and coaches of various sports.

“If the allegations against Panshuai are true, they have to be looked into very carefully and the WTA must suspend her participation in the WTA Tour for a minimum of two years, the minimum period of which will be reviewed depending on the response and investigation of the Swiss authorities,” said Lik.

“We cannot be seen to be allowing any wrongdoer or perpetrator to continue to be a part of the elite, the leading and the strongest of the world’s governing bodies. As a member of the AS

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