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Bill Murray denies any wrongdoing in regard to his leaks

Bill Murray denies any wrongdoing in regard to his leaks

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Bill Murray, who starred alongside Catherine Tate in the 1999 movie “Being There,” has become embroiled in another Hollywood drama this year: he is reportedly being investigated by the FBI for his treatment of multiple sources of leaked information.

On Monday, The New York Timesreported that Murray is investigating a former executive from the National Football League and its former vice president for minority marketing. He is believed to be the source of some of the information the former NFL exec leaked to the NFL about Murray’s private life.

Murray also has been accused of leaking information about a number of high-profile athletes to The New York Post and the Boston Globe. All of this information supposedly had to do with Murray’s well-documented infidelities with his former wife, the actress Suzy Amis; his adopted daughter, Isabella; and his daughter, Kiki, who was born in 1998.

At his Monday press conference with New York Times reporter Dan Strumpf, which was attended by his daughter, Kiki, Murray denied any wrongdoing in regard to his leaks.

“I am innocent of any and all of this!” Murray said, according to Strumpf.

Murray has also denied that his treatment of Suzy, Kiki and Isabella ever violated their contracts. He has also denied that he ever attempted to “cancel them out” when he spoke to them.

In September 2007, The New York Times published a story about how Murray leaked information about his marital life to a former NFL executive who had reached out to Murray for a story on Murray’s involvement with a female assistant who became pregnant after being a massage parlor client. The NFL executive, who declined to be identified, has confirmed that he was handed information about Murray’s personal life by a close source who was working for him.

“I can confirm that I did, in fact, talk to Mr. Murray for a story,” the executive said. “Mr. Murray gave me a wealth of information about him, his life, and his private life. Mr. Murray did say that he didn’t have any desire to do any more stories on it, and he was fine with it being published.”

Murray has also denied having ever slept with either Suzy, Kiki or Isabella, according to a former friend of Suzy

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