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California’s Electric Vehicle Market Will Be Worth $22 Billion By 2020

California's Electric Vehicle Market Will Be Worth $22 Billion By 2020

California needs to charge electric vehicles during day, not night, to save grid, study says California’s green energy future: Time to charge up

There is a lot of talk about the need to be green in California. As electric vehicles increase, more and more people are looking to shift to plug-in hybrid and all-electric cars, but many people are concerned about the effects of global warming on the planet and the overall well-being of a society. As the world is becoming more sustainable, it is vital that the state of California becomes more green. The state is one of the leaders in the innovation of renewable energy technology, although there is limited space for the installation of new solar and wind power plants. A large percentage of the electricity consumed in the state actually comes from non-renewable sources.

The state of California offers great incentives for electric vehicles that are fully electric, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), or all-electric vehicles (AEVs). To qualify for the state’s program, there are four prerequisites which need to be met:

Pass the car-buying age requirement (18 years)

Drive for at least one year

Not be a convicted felon

Be a resident for at least six months of the year you intend to use your EV.

California offers an incentive of $7,500 to plug-in hybrids, $5,500 to all-electric vehicles, and $2,500 for each year that you use a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric vehicle. For the full details on the incentive program, you can check out the official California Energy Commission website here.

California’s electric vehicle market will be worth $22 billion by 2020.

With a total of 19.6 million electric vehicles being sold in the state, California is projected to become home to over $22 billion worth of additional sales by 2020. The State of California is encouraging manufacturers to develop new technologies to make it more competitive. In order to make sure that the electricity generated on the grid is of sufficient quantity and quality to provide safe and reliable service to consumers, the state has set up requirements for electric vehicles.

The California Energy Commission has set up an incentive program that will be available to plug-in hybrid, electric and all-electric vehicles. The incentive program is designed with the goal of generating more energy on the grid to

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