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Ezra Miller Accused of Attempting to Stop Chloe Morello

Ezra Miller Accused of Attempting to Stop Chloe Morello

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Ezra Miller’s life has been a long and winding one. Now, the actor is facing another accusation of battery that he vehemently denied on Wednesday, as he was accused of punching a model named Chloe Morello while visiting the set of his new film, “Fences.” The incident took place on Friday, and was reported in a video by Morello and posted to YouTube on Sunday. In the video, Miller can be seen getting into an altercation with a model while she sits on his lap during the filming of the movie.

During a subsequent phone interview with THR, Miller vehemently denied the accusation and, in a statement provided to the site, said that his actions were taken in self-defense.

“When I met Chloe, she was showing me things she’d shot at the set which were in a box on her lap. She asked me if I knew what an altercation was and I told her not to worry about it.” Miller continued. “Then she started walking closer to me in a way that made me uncomfortable. I moved away from her and held my hand up to let her know I didn’t want to fight with her.”

According to the report, Morello called for help after Miller took a swing at her, and several people were quickly surrounding them. The video shows the model being escorted away by other people, including her own manager, and police eventually arrived at the scene. According to the police report, Morello was not injured and had received bruising and scratches to her face, head and neck.

According to the New York Times, Miller and Morello met at a party in 2015 after Morello’s husband quit his job to become a musician. In the article, Miller said that he had recently started dating Morello, and that it was a “pretty intense” encounter that led him to try to stop her.

When asked if the incident would affect his performances, Miller said, “It definitely would. I never did assault her in the film.”

At the time of the incident, Ezra Miller was appearing in the new movie “Fences,” which is directed by Kimberly Peirce. He is set to star

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