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Iranian women face jail for protests against US sanctions

Iranian women face jail for protests against US sanctions

Two prominent actresses arrested in Iran for not wearing hijabs as protests continue

By Nour Malas

26 November 2019

Three prominent Iranian actresses face jail for taking part in demonstrations against the regime of United States sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

Majid Majidi, Nazanin Sami and Aziza Ghanizada, all prominent members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), have been called to court on Friday, November 25 for their failure to adhere to the Sharia law as ordered by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, in a series of decrees issued on Friday.

The two women will appear in court on Saturday, November 26.

In a statement, the women’s lawyer, Seyed Saeid Maraeini, said, “The three women have been summoned by the Court of Tehran to stand trial on Friday for violating the Islamic state’s laws regarding their dress. The women have expressed their desire to remain in their homes, not appear in public, not allow filming to take place, and not to participate in meetings, except in case of health issues.

“The women’s cases have been transferred to the prosecutor’s office for further investigation,” he added.

On Friday, October 21, the Revolutionary Court, with which the women were summoned, issued another two sets of emergency measures to protect the Islamic Republic from damage incurred by US sanctions.

These included the extension of the ban on “unlimited” production of oil and natural resources in Iran and a ban on “any activities aimed at affecting Iran’s oil industry”; and a ban on the imports of new aircraft and helicopters.

Iranian media reported that the state-run IRNA news agency was barred from reporting on the demonstrations on Friday, October 23, and the women’s names were listed as those who participated in them.

The IRNA report was based on a complaint filed on October 23, which was reportedly submitted by the IRGC and the

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