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Italian police investigate stabbing spree

Italian police investigate stabbing spree

1 dead, 4 wounded in Italy supermarket stabbing spree

by Sam Gustin

9:05 AMMay 10, 2019 | Updated: 10:25 AMMay 10, 2019

Italian police investigating the stabbing spree.

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Italian police investigate after the stabbing spree.

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A man who was stabbed on Tuesday evening in a supermarket in Italy is dead, while four more stab victims were taken to the hospital, the same day authorities said the death toll climbed to seven.

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A police dog patrols the area where a man was stabbed in a supermarket in Trastevere, Italy on June 4, 2019. Italian police are still searching for the assailant.

The man, who was not immediately identified, died in hospital. According to Italy’s Interior Ministry, police arrested three people in connection with the attack.

One of those arrested, a woman, was initially detained after she threatened the police, but that detention was lifted when she said she had no involvement.

The attacker was killed in two separate incidents in two other cities on Wednesday evening during the same time period, the Interior Ministry confirmed.

The first attack occurred in Milan during the normal working day when a man who was apparently not involved in the attack confronted police officers, but the man was then shot dead. The second occurred in the Piazzale Loreto in Rome.

All attack victims were Italian nationals, according to the ministry.

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About 45 people were killed and hundreds injured in the stabbing spree. It came as Italy was still recovering from a string of stabbings and bomb attacks in recent months.

The events brought into sharp focus longstanding political tensions over immigration and law and order that have been growing in intensity over the past decade.

Italy’s leftist government on Thursday said the attacks, in which several people were injured, were inspired by the Islamic State and were the work of a “group of criminals”.

The attack in the central city of Milan took place during the normal working day, after the perpetrator confronted police officers.

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