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Kenya: City of Stories: A Celebration

Kenya: City of Stories: A Celebration

This CNN Hero upcycles old computers to open new worlds for young Kenyans

Kenya’s National Film and Publication Corporation (NFPC) is celebrating the creation of Nairobi: City of Stories by giving the film the title of the city the film is set in. The film was made in Nairobi where filmmaker Simeon Nyakane grew up.

The newscast also gives a nod to the young Kenyans who have become some of South Sudan’s strongest new heroes.

On Monday, the newly released documentary Kenya: City of Stories also received the 2018 Africa Independent Spirit Award for best documentary. The film received a total budget of over two million dollars, which makes it the most expensive documentary in Kenya to date.

“I’d like to express my gratitude to the team at the NFPC for the hard work and dedication over the past four years,” said Kenyans for Justice and Peace in South Sudan and Nairobi for Peace, Justice & Reparations.

“Our hero in our film Simeon is someone from my neighbourhood,” said Kenyans for Justice and Peace in South Sudan and Nairobi for Peace, Justice & Reparations. “Kenya Nairobi is not a tourist attraction in the city of the country, this film is a celebration, we want the country to know that we are not tourists, the film is the work of people actually here in Nairobi fighting for their country.”

Kenya Nairobi has become a rallying point for young KNC who feel that they live under threat from their communities and government. The Nairobi-based KNC is fighting for the right to have housing and to have education.

After the release of Kenya: City of Stories, Simeon set up a YouTube channel dedicated to the film. The channel, which has more than 1,900 videos now, has become one of Kenya’s most watched KNC news channels.

The film has received support from celebrities including the Kenyan businessman and KNC activist, Mathew Gathali, and the film

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