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Letter to Father Terence O’Neill

Letter to Father Terence O’Neill

An ‘Aggressive Love for Life’ Regardless of Life’s Challenges

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The following is a letter to Father Terence O’Neill, who has been the parish priest of St Mary’s Church in Eastland, Texas for over 30 years. Father O’Neill was a Jesuit priest for over 30 years. He is a professor at Loyola University Maryland and the author of several books. He has served in a number of parishes in Eastland and in the dioceses of Washington and Baltimore. In this letter, he shares his life struggles, his “strongest convictions,” and how we, “who love him,” are making every effort to encourage his “love for his life.” This is an incredible letter, which is a product of his faith and his love for others. This was his response to one of our emails, which discussed his book, “Lives: A Father’s Journey.”

“To Mother Mary in heaven,

“… We thank God every day for you, Mother Mary, and through you your gift to the world; the gift of the grace of ‘aggression for life’!”

“The book of LIVES has been a great challenge to me, I believe, which is why I dedicate this book to you, Mother Mary, with my most heartfelt respect for your gift of the grace of ‘aggression for life.’”

For over 30 years, Father O’Neill has been my parish priest. In my prayers and thoughts, Father O’Neill has become a friend and a mentor. His heart is filled with love for life. He is a priest of the church of Christ and has strong convictions.

“I am grateful for these words from your life and I am grateful for your courage to share them with me. We must never forget that life is not just about us. It is about the great love that God has given us. Life is a treasure

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