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Los Angeles Elections: Preliminary Results

Los Angeles Elections: Preliminary Results

L.A. city voters sent conflicting messages, giving wins to both the left and the center

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LOS ANGELES – With just a few hours to go until the Los Angeles election, the results of the primary are slowly coming in after the preliminary results came in Tuesday morning.

In L.A., voters have sent mixed messages, giving the winning side wins for both the left and the center, as well as a few for the right.

L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson is leading Councilman Gil Cedillo with 57.6% of the vote. Councilman Joe Buscaino is second with 46%. In District 4, the race for the state Senate seat of Mark Leno is very close, with incumbent Richard Polanco leading by just a few thousand votes. In District 5, former Rep. Bob Dold is leading by fewer than a half million votes.

In L.A., there are three special elections for the California State Assembly seats held Tuesday. All three races are expected to be close. In District 23, where Democratic challenger and candidate for lieutenant governor Tony Cardenas is running against incumbent Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

L.A. County voters will decide Tuesday evening whether to move forward with a redistricting plan that would allow for greater political representation for Latino and African American communities. The question will come in the form of a ballot initiative. If that happens, the outcome would be more favorable to the Democratic candidates and their supporters.

That’s about what you’d expect, of course. A vote for this is, in essence, a vote for a Democratic-majority-controlled state government. The Republican establishment is still hoping to reverse that, despite that fact that this is a vote against them.

A new poll by Pew has the outcome of the race between Republican Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Democrat John Chiang tied at 46% to 46%.

And while it might seem unlikely that a Democrat would win over the Democratic voters in this particular race – at least right now – it is also probable that Newsom gets a boost from the party at large due to the California Democrat turning the tide against Republicans in the nation’s most populous

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