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Saad Amer and Muharrem Koka are a social media influencer from Turkey

Saad Amer and Muharrem Koka are a social media influencer from Turkey

Saad Amer Mobilizes Voters With Celebrities and Instagram Filters

Salah and Saad Amer both have something going on during Ramadan. The brother and sister are both out in the name of activism, a way to educate the youth of their communities. Saad also uses Twitter to reach his followers.

Last week, the brothers, both 31, started a Twitter campaign called #NoJehovahsLand where a bunch of celebrities and artists retweet images and message them to their Twitter followers. Some of them retweeted the message, while others didn’t. So far, the campaign has retweeted over 20 celebrities.

The #NoJehovahsLand campaign has the hashtag for more than 2,300 Twitter followers. Among its followers are pop culture icons as Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj.

These two guys sure have it going on. In addition to their campaign, Saad Amer is also involved in the #WeStandWithOurBrothers campaign in Morocco, while Saad Amer also recently joined the Facebook group for the Boycott Israel movement. The campaign has over 1,500 participants that are using the hashtag to express their support for Palestinian freedom.

For his latest project, Amer has joined forces with Muharrem Koka (aka Rokia Sekric), a social media influencer from Turkey, an advocate for human rights in Turkey. Koka is a musician, actor, fashion designer, activist and TEDx speaker. He has been working with Amer and his followers to help them use their voices to help raise awareness against human rights abuses.

Koka has used his platform to post images on Instagram of his human rights activism related to the recent coup in Turkey. A group of his followers posted to his Instagram account and made a hashtag for this to be used on social media. The #WeStandWithOurBrothers campaign soon received the support of thousands of Instagram users, and the “We Stand with Brothers” hashtag was made into the #WeStandWithBrothers and “We Stand with Brothers” Facebook meme.

Koka told The Tastemaker:

“I was contacted by the brothers. I was invited to Morocco and then Turkey. For me, this project is a great opportunity to spread our

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