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Selma Blair’s handstand was cut short on Dancing With The Stars

Selma Blair’s handstand was cut short on Dancing With The Stars

Selma Blair exits ‘Dancing With the Stars’ due to MS complications: ‘I can’t go on’

Wednesday’s episode of Dancing With The Stars was filmed with a six-hand lead, and that’s why actress Selma Blair’s routine got cut short.

“I was supposed to do a handstand,” Blair, 36, told PEOPLE exclusively. “I could not get on my own and I felt like my legs were going to give out, so I’m just waiting for my partner.”

Her injury forced the show’s medical staff to take a leave of absence, leaving Blair to stay home in a hotel while she recovers from the injury.

“I’m feeling so much better and have come back to the studio to work and will be back with a new dance partner soon,” she said.

Blair suffered from multiple sclerosis, which causes problems to her motor function, and has been off Dancing With The Stars since last season.

During Wednesday’s episode, Blair had to perform three complicated moves, including a handstand, three air-to-air ballet jumps and a “Sideshow Bob” handstand with her arms in the air.

As for the hand stand, Blair had to be taken down from the high wooden platform she was dancing on – which was “a little bit scary,” she added – and into a chair, where her partner was positioned.

Once she reached his shoulder, Blair then had to turn her head backwards in order for her arms to reach her hands through the open fingers so her arms could form an X.

“My hands were not touching and my body felt that. My hands were not touching, so it was very hard for me to hold on,” she explained.

It took Blair a few tries to reach a handstand.

“It’s a huge step from handstand to handstand and it’s a really complicated thing,” she said. “It’s very challenging.”

The actress has been with Dancing With The Stars for more than a decade, while she’s performed in the show’s Broadway and Off

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