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The IPCC is a science process

The IPCC is a science process

Op-Ed: Hurricane Ian and the coming climate crash

By Patrick J. Michaels

As Hurricane Ian lumbers towards the British Isles, a storm of unprecedented magnitude is gathering around the world. It is, in its own way, a storm of unprecedented size.

It will be the storm of the century.

We are currently in the process of seeing our climate system collapse; we are on the cusp of the coming climate crash – or as some scientists are describing it, the climate “phase shift.” It happened once before, after an asteroid exploded into our atmosphere – the Carlsberg effect. And it could easily happen again.

And the good news? We have a lot of time.

There are only three years left before the world’s “climate leaders” meet in Copenhagen. The UN process has already begun to plan what the world’s response to the impending global disaster will be, how much of the blame will fall on fossil fuels, and how much on nature. Already, we are seeing moves to limit the role of nuclear energy in power generation, a move largely supported by America, Britain and the EU.

That decision was made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. And that is the body that has been the lead voice in calling for the world to slash carbon dioxide emissions and dramatically increase the use of renewable energy.

But the IPCC process is being pushed along so fast by a group of activists who call themselves “climate scientists.” It is being conducted in secret, behind closed doors. And it is being run by people with a political agenda – some of them have already joined a think tank which is already being funded by the Koch brothers and the American libertarian lobby.

It isn’t just America, it is Britain. A prime minister – the leader of a major country in the world – is coming out against the IPCC process. He is claiming that the panel is not a true scientific body.

“This is a political process, and I think it is very disturbing that the IPCC is subjecting itself to public ridicule. It is not a science, it is a political process. There is nothing in the IPCC plan that is not subject to political controversy.”

In fact, the IPCC is a science process. It is not being run by a political activist group – it is being run

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