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The Islanders are the pride of New York

The Islanders are the pride of New York

Letters to the Editor: Rick Caruso didn’t waste $104 million on a new arena

I’ve been following my hometown of New York sports ever since I was a little kid watching them play at the St. Nicholas Arena. My brother and I would always play pickup games with whoever was on our respective teams. One time it was the Yankees; another time it was the Mets; another time it was my Brooklyn Dodgers; and of course, my own NY Islanders.

After the 1992-1993 season, the New York Islanders made it to the Stanley Cup finals, where they were swept by the Edmonton Oilers. I remember one final play. The Islanders were on the power play when the Oilers quarterback (John F. Kennedy) lofted the puck toward the Islanders defenseman (Kevin Royer). Kennedy made a great pass with his back to his defense for a second time, but this time Royer swatted the puck past Steve Thomas.

The Islanders lost the Stanley Cup in overtime, but that was nothing compared to what I saw last night. Yes, New York was victorious, but that victory means nothing to New Yorkers who have been suffering under the crushing weight of the Yankees, Mets, Red Sox and every other team in baseball or football.

The Islanders are the pride of New York. What happened in October was a tragedy, but this is a tragedy that happened under the best of circumstances. The Islanders have been to the Stanley Cup finals 10 of the past 11 years and they have been to multiple finals in the previous 28 years. The Islanders have been to the East Division finals every season since 1992. What happened last night didn’t even have to happen, but when it did it was absolutely out of place.

The Islanders now realize they have to spend their money wisely. And this doesn’t even include the $103 million they spent on the arena.

I think the fans of the Islanders should be made aware, and all of us who love the game should be a part of the protest.

I hope Mr. Caruso will spend all of his money and build a

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