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The NTSB Recommends a 2023 Deadline for Real ID

The NTSB Recommends a 2023 Deadline for Real ID

Domestic Fliers Will Need Real ID Compliant Identification in 2023

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on Dec. 20 issued a report recommending a 2023 deadline for the issuance of domestic fliers an ID requirement for identification, known as REAL ID.

The report makes some changes to a 2012 proposal known as ATSDR 13, which has been used as a template for other state agencies to implement domestic identification rules. Under the 2012 proposal, as long as the airline had submitted its data on the issuance and issuance rate of domestic fliers, the agency would have the ability to require REAL ID compliant identification.

In its report, the NTSB stated: “The agency is currently considering whether to amend the proposed rule to add a requirement for domestic fliers to provide valid ID in the event that a commercial passenger carrier is required to issue an identification document.”

The agency is now doing a study of the current system and the REAL ID compliant identification system being used by other airlines. The study is expected to be completed by June 2020.

The agency is working with Congress to determine if a new law would be required to implement the recommendation. While the 2023 deadline would set the beginning of the REAL ID compliance system, the agency has proposed a pilot program that would allow domestic fliers to go through the verification process with a REAL ID compliant identification document.

The pilot program will be available to fliers who have met the requirements in the 2012 proposal, which are the following:

Receipts of at least 90 percent of domestic air carrier flight revenue before flight Receipt of an appropriate identifying document (including passport or other U.S. or commonwealth issued ID) Receipt of an appropriate identification number (such as a social security number) Receipt of the appropriate endorsement form

If the pilot program is successful, it could be used to bring the REAL ID compliance plan into effect.

What if the agency didn’t consider it a pilot program? There are still two big unknowns regarding the 2023 deadline and the REAL ID system.

One is the question of whether the agency will include the current system as the way to accomplish a REAL ID compliance system.

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