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The Woman Who Left Her For Another Woman

The Woman Who Left Her For Another Woman

The Curious Life and Strange Death of a Fashion Insider

M. Diane Gee

1. We’re here at the home of a friend, an interior decorator, of someone famous;

2. She’s telling us what has happened after her husband left her for another woman:

It was the morning of June 11, 1994. This particular woman, as she tells us, is the type to get up in the morning in a trance. She’s here now with us. In her hands, she’s holding a box containing something that is, apparently, an antique from the 1800s;

3. We hear it rustling inside. We look at each other. We know what’s inside;

4. “I’m going to take that out before my guests get there,” she says, “and I promise to give it to you afterwards.”

5. And she begins to speak. She tells us that, on the afternoon of April 21 of that year, her husband, a handsome and very much liked man, was at a party hosted by, oh, we won’t mention that man’s name. He was there with his wife and a group of friends. It was a black-tie event;

6. The party was on the 19th floor of a posh hotel. The house they were staying in was on the 15th floor and, apparently, the room the party was held in was on the 9th floor. He was celebrating his birthday with a bunch of friends. Later that night, he went down to the lobby of the hotel, presumably for a drink he’d forgotten in his room. He was, we are told, at the bar with a woman when this woman’s husband showed up at the bar.

7. The man left them, as he would with his wife the next day. “We were in the car driving home, and that’s when he told me this woman,” he says.

8. “He said, ‘I want you to understand that I’m with a woman, but, you know, don’t think I don’t love the money.’”

The woman’s husband and the woman had been having an affair. At one point they had bought a house. At one point, that house was worth much more money than the one they’d lost. We find out later that it was a house in a gated community

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