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Trump is a good-faith player in the primary, Goldberg said

Trump is a good-faith player in the primary, Goldberg said

Jonah Goldberg: Will the GOP finally do something about its Trump problem?

“He is a good-faith player” in the primary, with a clear plan and a willingness to engage in the general election, Goldberg said Monday night during the “Weekend Update” segment.


“I am a little surprised by that, because I think he is, on the one hand, a lot of things, but on the other hand, he is a good-faith player.”

His co-host, Cecilia Vega, responded that the Trump problem in the GOP is “more about his persona than his policy or governing.”

“I just think when you’re talking about policy, it’s a terrible idea to talk about it as if he has no policy. He has this plan,” Goldberg replied.


“Oh, I thought we have to give him a chance to do better here, because the polls are bad. And, you know, he’s a Republican first, as he should be,” Vega shot back. “That’s what we’re here for. We are supposed to be Republicans.”

The discussion turned to the Trump campaign’s pushback against a Fox News reporter’s questions. Goldberg noted that the same reporter is now on the Air Force One with Trump. “It’s interesting that the questions are the same, but we’re not even allowed to ask the questions anymore,” he said.

“No, no, no, we are not. I mean, we’re not allowed to ask him a question,” Vega said. “I mean, it’s very bizarre.”

Goldberg agreed that “It’s strange to watch the president sitting there with a reporter.”

“That’s probably how he would operate, because, I mean, the media is so hostile to him. I mean, I always thought there was something weird about him, like he’s

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