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Trump’s Mistress Is a Serial Fraudizer

Trump’s Mistress Is a Serial Fraudizer

Letters to the Editor: We are a nation of political violence. Thanks, GOP leaders, for all your work in keeping an eye on your constituents. In other news, we see that the GOP has finally learned to recognize the signs of a nation on the verge of collapse. And we see our president doing the same. We all know why. They all know it, too. It’s simple. They are all lying.

— James P. Wilson, Chino Hills

I’d like to say I’m glad that the media hasn’t yet come up with a story about our president’s alleged mistress, but I’m not. As if they weren’t aware of this already, the media is now reporting that there are problems with Michael Cohen and that he is going to be indicted sometime soon. And, of course, there’s this: “Trump’s first daughter bragged about alleged affair, then was ‘proud to be his third wife’; his second wife filed for divorce before she died.”

— John C. Gress, Chino Hills

We all know that Mr. Trump is not fit for high office. He is completely unfit for any position in any walk of life. He is a serial womanizer and abuser of women who has no credibility whatsoever. He should resign immediately.

— Mary L. Roper, San Diego

Let’s take a moment to applaud this president for proving that he doesn’t even know how to apologize.

By the way, did you know that after he went to the border, he was asked if he had a plan to fix the loopholes in the sanctuary city law that makes it illegal for many public safety officers from our law enforcement agencies to work with our immigration laws. He then offered to write a letter that would allow them to do so, but then they said “well that would violate the law.” Thank you very much

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