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Trump’s White Nationalists Are Embracing Trump

Trump’s White Nationalists Are Embracing Trump

Trump’s Latest Dinner Guest: Nick Fuentes, White Supremacist

Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist figure from Ohio, was Donald Trump’s dinner guest at his Mar-a-Lago residence on Sunday night. The Trump administration chose only a few guests, but they included prominent figures from right-wing media and alt-right groups. When asked if he thought there was a “good relationship” between white nationalists and Trump, Fuentes told the Washington Post, “I think that’s true.” Later in a follow-up video, he added, “If they were out there, I don’t see how we could have a conversation that would not only not lead us to violence, but to positive dialogue.”

While I was unable to get comment from the Trump administration regarding a report from the American Conservative, it is worth noting that Trump himself has been criticized by far-right media figures for his relationship with white nationalists. In June, Richard Spencer, then one of the most prominent leaders of the alt-right, said that he hoped Trump would not be “politically incorrect” in his criticisms of anti-Semitism. “The idea that Donald Trump has any kind of a relationship with white nationalists is ridiculous. He’s never had one,” Spencer told the Washington Times. In a Washington Post column published four days after the Trump was elected, Charles Krauthammer, a conservative journalist and political commentator, argued that “the people who helped Mr. Trump get elected” were “at least in theory anti-democratic demagogues … [who] would be welcomed at a Klan meeting in a heartbeat” if they were elected.

And it is not just white nationalists who are embracing Trump. Last week, Mike Cernovich, a right-wing Twitter personality who has advocated for violence and the mass immigration of Muslims and Mexicans, told his followers, “The worst thing about being so far right is that you get support from the mainstream media.” Cernovich later followed up this comment with a post titled, “The Trumps Were Only the Beginning.” In it, he said, “Now we are going to start beating the shit out of them.”

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