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Wimbledon fan accuses boyfriend of sexual assault

Wimbledon fan accuses boyfriend of sexual assault

Nick Kyrgios settles legal case with Wimbledon fan he accused of being ‘drunk out of her mind,’ her lawyers say

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Wimbledon fan, Naomi, accuses her boyfriend, Nick Kyrgios, of making multiple sexual advances before she filed for a domestic violence restraining order

Kyrgios, who plays for Australia on the ATP Tour, has denied the allegations

Lawyers for both sides agreed to a private settlement

It’s not uncommon in legal marriages for one partner to seek a divorce

Kyrgios denies the allegation

It’s a story of the most improbable romance in sports.

A Wimbledon fan filed a domestic violence restraining order over an alleged on-court sexual assault by a player who also lives across the street from the tennis stadium.

Then, the fan’s boyfriend, Nick Kyrgios, filed a counter-claim for divorce, saying she wanted a settlement that included payment of his legal fees.

And now, two lawyers have settled the case over the phone: Kyrgios and Naomi Williams, of Pico Rivera, California.

Williams told the AP she and Kyrgios had signed a settlement but declined to say how much. The lawyers will meet for the first time this week.

Kyrgios and Williams have both been involved in other high-profile legal disputes in the past. Kyrgios was sued by a former girlfriend, and he took her to a federal court in 2012 to try to stop the case from going forward.

Williams was part of a lawsuit against a former trainer at Stanford University who had alleged she was raped. Kyrgios’s longtime tennis mentor, Jimmy Connors, was involved in a similar lawsuit.

The latest case is unusual in that it involves a woman who filed the restraining order only to receive a counter-suit from the man she says sexually assaulted her.

According to the AP, Kyrgios, who plays for Australia on the ATP Tour, told AP he never touched her inappropriately, but she alleged he followed her to the court on Friday and told her how much he wanted to date her.

She told the AP she eventually filed for a restraining order

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