Laravel libraries

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laravel v5.7.0 — A PHP framework for web artisans
Similar Laravel Web Framework
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laratables v1.0.8 — Ajax support of DataTables (Laravel 5.5+) Demo @
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laravel-view-models 1.0.2 — View models in Laravel
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laravel-code-generator v2.2.11 — An intelligent code generator for Laravel framework that will save you time! This awesome tool will help you generate resources like views, controllers, routes, migrations, languages and/or form-requests! It is extremely flexible and customizable to cover many on the use cases. It is shipped with cross-browsers compatible template, along with a client-side validation to modernize your application.
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laravel-admin v1.6.0 — Build a full-featured administrative interface in ten minutes
Similar Admin Interface
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laravel-cors v0.11.2 — Adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers support in your Laravel application
Similar Security CORS
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TrustedProxy — Laravel Proxy Package for handling sessions when behind load balancers or other intermediaries.
Similar TrustedProxy
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Cachet v2.3.15 — An open source status page system for everyone.
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laravel-permission 2.19.1 — Associate users with roles and permissions
Similar Roles and Permissions Users

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