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akaunting — Free and Online Accounting Software
Similar Applications Invoicing Accounting
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lara-soada — Laravel invoice accounting software
63 (<1)
accounting — Useful Laravel Model functions to help develop debit/credit accounting journals.
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xero-laravel v1.2.0 — Access the Xero accounting system using an Eloquent-like syntax
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laravel-accounting — Sample accounting app that displays bills and notifies user when certain requirements are met
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money-server — Back end accounting tool
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Cabinet-Schmidt — Website of a French accounting firm
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mufti1/simple-blog — simple blog with laravel, the features is facebook comment, accounting comment, sort by etc
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jimmygle/accounting — Basic accounting tool written in Laravel 5 and Twitter Bootstrap to help me manage personal and business cash flow and taxes.
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nonsensecreativity/accounting — An accounting system for the Philippine's largest driving school, A-1 Driving Inc. Written in Laravel 5 and Bootstrap.


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    Free and Online Accounting Software

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