990 (<1)
laravel-query-builder 1.10.0 — Easily build Eloquent queries from API requests
Similar API
1538 (<1)
apiato v8.0.0 — A flawless framework for building scalable and testable API-Centric Apps with PHP 7 and Laravel 5.6
Similar API
7678 (<1)
api v2.0.0-alpha2 — A RESTful API package for the Laravel and Lumen frameworks.
Similar API REST Lumen
647 (<1)
api-guard — A simple way of authenticating your RESTful APIs with API keys using Laravel
Similar API
1522 (<1)
laravel-apidoc-generator — Laravel API Documentation Generator
Similar API
1153 (<1)
laravel-fractal 5.4.0 — An easy to use Fractal wrapper built for Laravel and Lumen applications
Similar API Lumen
339 (<1)
rest-api-with-lumen — Rest API boilerplate for Lumen micro-framework.
Similar API Lumen
509 (<1)
laravel-realworld-example-app — Exemplary real world backend API built with Laravel
Similar Boilerplate / Starter project API
380 (<1)
laravel-responder v3.0.2 — A Laravel Fractal package for building API responses, giving you the power of Fractal with Laravel's elegancy.
Similar API
139 (<1)
laravel-api-handler — Package providing helper functions for a Laravel REST-API
Similar API REST


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