1017 (<1)
aws-sdk-php-laravel — A Laravel 5 (and 4) service provider for the AWS SDK for PHP
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164 (<1)
laravel-aws-worker v0.1.15 — Run Laravel (or Lumen) tasks and queue listeners inside of AWS Elastic Beanstalk workers
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32 (<1)
laravel-aws-cognito-auth — An authentication driver for Laravel for authenticating users in AWS Cognito User Pools.
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28 (<1)
aws-sns — Amazon SNS Notifications Channel for Laravel 5.3
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18 (<1)
laravel-sqs-fifo-queue 1.1.0 — Adds a Laravel queue driver for Amazon SQS FIFO queues.
54 (<1)
laravel-queue — Laravel Enqueue message queue extension. Supports AMQP, Amazon SQS, Kafka, Google PubSub, Redis, STOMP, Gearman, Beanstalk and others
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38 (<1)
amazon-ecs — With Laravel, search and lookup Amazon products easily.
7 (<1)
aws-cron-job — Run Laravel scheduled commands but only on a single EC2 instance
3 (<1)
laravel-crawler v1 — use the app to scrap the product amount from souq amazon or jumia login and give it a try


    1 month ago
    aws-sdk-php-laravel (Reached 1000 ⭐)
    A Laravel 5 (and 4) service provider for the AWS SDK for PHP

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