1137 (<1)
telegram-bot-sdk — 🤖 Telegram Bot API PHP SDK. Lets you build Telegram Bots easily! Supports Laravel out of the box.
Similar Bots Telegram
54 (<1)
tinker — Gives your Laravel chatbot the ability to try your chatbot in your local terminal.
92 (<1)
13 (<1)
laravel-kakaobot — Laravel 5 School Chatbot for Kakaotalk
6 (<1)
Cryptocurrency-Telegram-Bot-Laravel — This repository is created in the tutorial at
10 (<1)
laravel-spam-prevention — This package helps you fend off spam bots by using randomized input names and honeypots.
1 (<1)
laravel-deploy v2.0 — Laravel deploy package, used to automatically deploy project from GIT version control from webhooks
36 (<1)
GTrader — a trading strategy trainer, back-tester and bot
22 (<1)
telegram-logger v1.0.2 — Put log messages from your Laravel app to your Telegram bot

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