237 (<1)
laravel-chartjs — Simple package to facilitate and automate the use of charts in Laravel 5.x using Chartjs v2 library
Similar Charts charts
1478 (<1)
Charts — The laravel charting package
Similar Charts
65 (<1)
cloudradioo — cloudradioo is a web app that plays all songs from the soundcloud charts
3 (<1)
VueLaravelChart — Creating charts with Laravel and Vue js Chart js Tutorial Example is today’s topic. For this topic, we will use two web technologies. Laravel as a backend and Vue.js as a Frontend component.
1 (<1)
burilao77/charts — graficos en laravel
7 (<1)
laravel-enso/Charts 2.4.1 — Laravel Enso Charts is a VueJS, wrapper for Chart.js, with a backend data builder, so you can add beautiful charts to your application
1 (<1)
imranhsayed/laravel-charts — Create a chart in Laravel using Chart.js and AJAX
0 (<1)
laravel-freestyle — this is a test layer on laravel 5 using various plugins like datepicker, charts, datatables, csv downloads e.t.c
5 (<1)
laravel-google-chart — This package offers simple and easy integration of google charts with laravel

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