534 (<1)
laravel-collection-macros 3.8.1 — A set of useful Laravel collection macros
Similar Collections Macros
777 (<1)
collect v5.6.33 — A Collections-only split from Laravel's Illuminate Support
Similar Collections
32 (<1)
NestableCollection v1.1.10 — A Laravel Package that extends Eloquent\Collection to handle nested items following adjacency list model.
Similar Nested Set Collections
15 (<1)
craft3-collections 2.0.2 — Clean up those complex templates with Laravel Collections
Similar Collections
1 (<1)
laradeck-collection-macros — A set of useful Laravel collection macros
9 (<1)
AydinHassan/collector — A collection library inspired by Laravel Collections, built using generators to preserve memory
Similar Collections
33 (<1)
108 (<1)
Providers — A Collection of Providers for Laravel Socialite
481 (<1)
laravel-blade-directives 1.1.0 — A collection of nice Laravel Blade directives
Similar Templating Blade
4 (<1)
laravel-recursive-collection — A package to convert nested arrays and associative arrays into nested collections


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