2969 (+1)
laravel-cors v0.11.0 — Adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers support in your Laravel application
Similar Security CORS
200 (<1)
spatie/laravel-cors 1.2.2 — Send CORS headers in a Laravel application
Similar CORS
138 (<1)
cors v1.3.1 — PHP CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) middleware.
8 (<1)
apilaravue v1.0 — This is a framwork for large web projects. ApiLaravue uses Laravel 5.4 as backend integrated with laravel passport and laravel cors, Vuejs as frontend and the two communicate via API calls. It also include redis already installed and configured in the backend and frontend, a node server already created and configure for realtime communication and some vue packages are also install in the frontend such as vue-router, vue-resource,, and sweetalert.
1 (<1)
powerfull-lumen-base-project — Powerfull Lumen 5.5 Base Project including Cors, Swagger-UI and eloquent drivers for MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB
1 (<1)
laravel-auth-jwt-entrust-dingo-cors — laravel5.1 auth jwt entrust dingo cors
2 (<1)
ayush-bhandari/laravel-api — laravel rest api using jwt-auth, dingo api, laravel cors, zizaco entrust
3 (<1)
random-stoic-quotes-api — A random stoic quotes Web API back-end (Server-side Web API). JSON API v1 and CORS compliant.
0 (<1)
auth-ready — HTTP CORS and Auth ready project with CRUD generator
0 (<1)
L54-SPA-API — Laravel 5.4 SPA API Endpoint Boilerplate with CORS and JWT with Sample Controllers and Routes

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