187 (<1)
laravel-currency 1.0.14 — This provides Laravel 5 with currency functions such as currency formatting and conversion using up-to-date exchange rates.
Similar Currency
205 (<1)
laravel-swap 1.3.0 — :dollar: Currency exchange rates for Laravel and Lumen
Similar Currency
543 (<1)
laravel-countries — Laravel Countries is a bundle for Laravel, providing Almost ISO 3166_2, 3166_3, currency, Capital and more for all countries.
Similar Translations
155 (<1)
money 1.0.7 — Currency formatting and conversion package for Laravel
1 (<1)
Vertual-Pay — Web applicatioon of the crypt currency for QR trade
15 (<1)
laravel-cconverter v0.2.1 — A simple currency converter plugin for Laravel 5. Currency providers: The European Central Bank, OpenExchange, Yahoo, CurrencyLayer and
4 (<1)
CryptoTrading — My Coin Trading Project connects to Crypto-Currency Market Capitalization sites, also social networking sites, and displayes the corresponding data in Laravel datatables and much more...
6 (<1)
currency-rates — A PHP library for interacting with various currency exchange rates APIs.
19 (<1)
currency-converter 2.0 — Converts currencies with API.
3 (<1)
laraxchange — Laravel 5 package for working with multi currency conversions using API.

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