Data Mapper

571 (<1)
analogue v5.6.12 — Analogue ORM : Data Mapper ORM for Laravel/PHP
Similar ORM Data Mapper
5 (<1)
kinopoisk — Kinopoisk Html Parser & Data Mapper
9 (<1)
laravel-datamapper — DEPRECATED - An easy to use data mapper ORM for Laravel 5 that fits perfectly to the approach of Domain Driven Design (DDD).
1 (<1)
elegant — Elegant is a package that provides data mapper architecture model. He is similar to laravel's Eloquent and we used a lot of Eloquent code to build this package.
18 (<1)
reloquent — A simple Object - Data Mapper for Laravel and Redis
0 (<1)
laravel-data-mapper v0.4 — Map raw data in Laravel
0 (<1)
atlas-laravel — Laravel service provider for the Atlas Data Mapper library

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