Dev tools

664 (<1)
laravel-stats v1.7.1 — Get insights about your Laravel or Lumen Project
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302 (<1)
laravel-sketchpad — An innovative front-end environment for interactive Laravel development
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366 (<1)
LaravelFly v0.9.4 — To be an absolutely safe solution to run Laravel with Swoole. Laravel + Swoole Coroutine + Safety + Tinker Online.
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280 (<1)
tinx v2.1.6 — Reload your Laravel Tinker session from inside Tinker, plus magic shortcuts for first(), find(), where(), and more!
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242 (<1)
performance v2.3.6 — ⏱ PHP performance tool analyser your script on time, memory usage and db query. Support Laravel and Composer for web, web console and command line interfaces.
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67 (<1)
laravel-whoops-editor 3.0.0 — Laravel Whoops Editor helps to open your code editor from exception stack trace.
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357 (<1)
interactive-make 1.3 — Interactive Make Command for Laravel
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1989 (<1)
clockwork v3.0.2 — Clockwork - php dev tools integrated to your browser - server-side component
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1 (<1)
dev-tools v1.5.0 — PHP developer tools
1 (<1)
laravel-dev-tools — A package for lavarel that installs several other common 3rd party development packages

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