226 (<1)
elasticsearch 1.3.1 — The missing elasticsearch ORM for Laravel, Lumen and Native php applications
Similar ORM ElasticSearch
418 (<1)
plastic v0.5.3 — Plastic is an Elasticsearch ODM and mapper for Laravel. It renders the developer experience more enjoyable while using Elasticsearch, by providing a fluent syntax for mapping, querying, and storing eloquent models.
Similar ElasticSearch
285 (<1)
laravel-elasticsearch — An easy way to use the official Elastic Search client in your Laravel applications.
Similar ElasticSearch
767 (<1)
Elasticquent — Maps Laravel Eloquent models to Elasticsearch types
Similar Search ElasticSearch
195 (<1)
286 (<1)
scout-elasticsearch-driver v3.8.0 — This package offers advanced functionality for searching and filtering data in Elasticsearch.
2 (<1)
laravel-docker-elasticsearch — This is a simple repo for practicing elastic search in laravel with docker.
2 (<1)
laravel-elasticsearch-handlers — Further easiness when using ES with Laravel
7 (<1)
laravel-updated-related — Update Elasticsearch data or clear cache when the model or any related model is updated, created or deleted.
44 (<1)
crcms/elasticsearch 1.0.1 — Use SQL statements to query elasticsearch

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