397 (<1)
lern 4.5.0 — LERN is a Laravel 5 package that will record exceptions into a database and will notify you via Email, Pushover or Slack.
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486 (<1)
bugsnag-laravel v2.15.1 — Bugsnag notifier for the Laravel PHP framework. Monitor and report Laravel errors.
Similar Debug Exceptions
168 (<1)
lapse 2.0.8 — Laravel Self Hosted Tiny Error Tracking System With Notifications
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52 (<1)
laravel-error-emailer — Emails you whenever an error occurs on your server
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49 (<1)
exception-handler — Extend the Laravel exception handler to let service providers determine how custom exceptions should be handled.
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335 (<1)
laravel-rollbar — Rollbar error monitoring integration for Laravel projects
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443 (<1)
Laravel-Exceptions v11.1.0 — Provides a powerful error response system for Laravel 5
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52 (<1)
dingtalk-exception 1.1 — Laravel exception notify through DingTalk
88 (<1)
heimdal — An Laravel Exception handler build specifically for APIs.
141 (<1)
sneaker v4.0.0 — An easy way to send emails whenever an exception occurs on server.


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    Laravel Self Hosted Tiny Error Tracking System With Notifications

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