346 (<1)
laravel-follow 1.1.7 — :heart: This package helps you to add user based follow system to your model.
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487 (<1)
laravel-friendships v1.0.24 — This package gives Eloquent models the ability to manage their friendships.
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50 (<1)
laravel-followers — Gives Eloquent models the ability to manage followers.
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3 (<1)
laravel-rally v1.0.0 — A followers system for laravel 5, Trait for Laravel Eloquent models to allow easy implementation of a "follow" or "like" or "favorite" or "remember" or "subscribe" feature.
7 (<1)
Lecturize/Laravel-Followers — Build a Follower system or simply associate Eloquent models in Laravel 5.
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300 (<1)
befriended 1.2.0 — Eloquent Befriended brings social media-like features like following, blocking and filtering content based on following or blocked models.
35 (<1)
NestableCollection v1.1.12 — A Laravel Package that extends Eloquent\Collection to handle nested items following adjacency list model.
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17 (<1)
LaravelVueTwitterApp — In this Laravel and Vue Example, we will build a twitter type web application. For this tutorial, I am using Laravel and Vue.js. I am defining some components inside Vue.js. Also, I am using Axios to send a network request. We simply build an application in which, the user can post the tweet and appears in his timeline. Also, one user can follow or unfollow each other. If currently signed in user follow any other registered user then he can also see the following user’s tweet in his timeline. The very basic app, but the very powerful web app to understand laravel and vue.js fundamental concepts.
1 (<1)
RTCamp-Twitter — The functionality of an app is to provide timeline to logged in user as well as timeline of his/her followers using Laravel-PHP, AWS, MySQL, Heroku and Twitter OAuth. Demo Here :
1 (<1)
charinda04/ProjectManager — Repository created for practice laravel concepts following a tutorial guide


    1 month ago
    laravel-followers (Reached 50 ⭐)
    Gives Eloquent models the ability to manage followers.

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