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Laravel-GitHub v7.5.0 — A GitHub bridge for Laravel 5
Similar GitHub
2 (<1)
laravel-github-webhook — Using a GitHub webhook with Laravel
1 (<1)
Multi-Login- — Facebook twitter linkedin google github login with laravel 5.7
14 (<1)
Authentication-With-GitHub —
21 (<1)
GitHub-Authentication-With-Laravel — There are a number of excellent OAuth packages available, however, this is Laracasts, and we want to know how to, not reinvent the wheel, but rebuild the wheel! With that in mind, in this lesson, let's review the general process of how to allow your users to login to your application, using GitHub (or any provider).
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Search-GitHub-App — This app utilizes the GitHub Search API
3 (<1)
147 (<1)
orgmanager v3.0 — Invite System for GitHub Organizations
4 (<1)
laravel-envol — Automatic deployment Laravel 5.2+ package with webhook Github and Bitbucket
4 (<1)
github-reader — Laravel Github Reader - A Laravel Package to Read Github Repositories

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