Google Maps

306 (<1)
Googlmapper v2.33.0 — An easy way to integrate Google Maps with Laravel
Similar Google Maps maps google
244 (<1)
google-maps 1.0.9 — Collection of Google Maps API Web Services for Laravel
Similar maps google
4 (<1)
php-google-maps-distance-matrix 0.4 — PHP Implementation of the Google Maps Distance Matrix API
54 (<1)
laravelgooglemaps — Laravel Google Maps Package
Similar maps google
28 (<1)
addressfactory 1.0.8 — Creates real addresses from Google Maps, to use in database seeding, unit tests, or anything else. Supports Laravel 5+, and Faker
9 (<1)
maps — CRUD simple de puntos en google maps con laravel 5.6
6 (<1)
Laravel-Google-Geocoder v1.2.1 — A Laravel Package that interfaces with the google maps API to help convert a plain address to longitude and latitude coordinates and vice-versa. It can also calculate the distance between two locations using in kilometers or miles using their coordinates.
0 (<1)
DefrostedTuna/laravel-map — Radar and Traffic overlays for Google Maps. Also includes a weather widget. Designed to be a passive kiosk application, free from user interaction. Optimal resolution is 1920x1080.
1 (<1)
i2geo — Collection of Google Maps API Web Services for Laravel
2 (<1)
geocoder — Geocoder package for PHP that offers a user friendly interface for Geocoder services (such as Google Maps). The package is framework agnostic, but includes a ServiceProvider for Laravel.

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