1480 (<1)
laravel-graphql v1.1.0 — Facebook GraphQL for Laravel 5. It supports Relay, eloquent models, validation and GraphiQL.
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280 (<1)
graphql-laravel v1.15.0 — Laravel wrapper for Facebook's GraphQL
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50 (<1)
studio-net/laravel-graphql v0.8.1 — GraphQL implementation with power of Laravel
155 (<1)
lighthouse v2.2-beta.1 — Laravel GraphQL Server
9 (<1)
lumen-lighthouse-graphql — Lumen example use of a GraphQL PHP server using Lighthouse package
16 (<1)
lumen-graphql 1.1.1 — GraphQL module for the Laravel and Lumen PHP frameworks.
28 (<1)
laqul v0.1.3 — A complete starter kit that allows you create amazing apps that look native thanks to the Quasar Framework. Powered by an API developed in Laravel Framework using the easy GraphQL queries language. And ready to use the Google Firebase features.
62 (<1)
ardani/laravel-graphql — integrate graphql and graphiql with laravel
6 (<1)
laravel-graphql-generator — Automatically generate GraphQL types, mutations and queries based on you models
7 (<1)
lumen-relay-boilerplate — A lumen boilerplate with Auth, GraphQL & Relay Modern, a ready to go API for your React, VueJS applications

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