957 (<1)
underscore-php — A redacted PHP port of Underscore.js with additional functions and goodies – Available for Composer and Laravel
Similar Helpers
395 (<1)
laravel-helpers — An extensive set of Laravel framework helper functions and collection macros.
Similar Helpers
174 (<1)
helpers v2.1.3 — Helper Package
Similar Helpers
148 (<1)
rappasoft/laravel-helpers — Laravel 5 Helper function for Non-Laravel Projects
16 (<1)
laravel-support v1.0.0 — Rinvex common support helpers, contracts, and traits required by various Rinvex packages. Validator functionality, and basic controller included out-of-the-box.
77 (<1)
laravel-shovel v1.0.5 — Light weight helpers and macros to assist in pushing out data from API's, for Laravel.
177 (<1)
laravel-tag-helper 1.1.0 — Add powerful HTML tag helpers to your Laravel application
186 (<1)
SEO-Helper 1.5.1 — :mag: SEO Helper is a package that provides tools and helpers for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Similar SEO
75 (<1)
ARCANEDEV/Support 4.4.0 — :muscle: Support package is a collection of helpers and tools for ARCANEDEV + Laravel projects.
57 (<1)
laravel-attachments 1.0.6 — Laravel 5.4+ file attachment helpers

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