Image Manipulation

8077 (<1)
image 2.4.2 — PHP Image Manipulation
Similar Image Manipulation
71 (<1)
laravel-imageupload — Upload image using Laravel's build in function and resize it automatically.
Similar Media / Files Upload Image Manipulation
384 (<1)
croppa — Image thumbnail creation through specially formatted URLs for Laravel.
Similar Image Manipulation
36 (<1)
ankitpokhrel/laravel-image — Basic image upload and thumbnail management package for laravel 5+
Similar Image Manipulation
270 (<1)
laravel-glide 3.2.2 — Easily convert images with Glide
Similar Image Manipulation
245 (<1)
laravel-image — Image manipulation library for Laravel 4 and 5 based on Imagine ( and inspired by Croppa for easy url based manipulation (with caching)
Similar Image Manipulation
64 (<1)
imagine v3.7.0 — [Package] Imagine Image Manipulation Wrapper for Laravel
5 (<1)
laravel-guided-image v1.0.12 — Simplified and ready image manipulation for Laravel 5 through intervention image.
9 (<1)
laravel-api-seed-boilerplate — Laravel API Boilerplate is a ready-to-use "starting pack" that you can use to build your first API in seconds. As you can easily imagine, it is built on top of the awesome Laravel Framework.
3 (<1)
laravel-image-cache — A really simple image caching provider for Laravel using Imagine

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