686 (<1)
laroute 2.4.8 — Generate Laravel route URLs from JavaScript.
Similar JavaScript
522 (<1)
sweet-alert 1.4.3 — A simple PHP package to show SweetAlerts with the Laravel Framework
Similar JavaScript
650 (<1)
laravel-jsvalidation 2.3.1 — Laravel 5 Javascript Validation
Similar Validation
338 (<1)
laravel-blade-javascript 2.2.1 — A Blade directive to export variables to JavaScript
Similar Templating Blade
219 (<1)
Laravel-Prerender v2.0.2 — Laravel middleware for prerendering javascript-rendered pages on the fly for SEO
164 (<1)
laravel-server-side-rendering 1.0.1 — Server side rendering JavaScript in your Laravel application
2 (<1)
js-editor v1.0.0 — Javascript editor extension for laravel-admin based on code-mirror
6 (<1)
laravel-crawl-render — Pre-render Javascript sites for web crawlers
111 (<1)
andywer/laravel-js-localization — Simple, ease-to-use and flexible package for the Laravel web framework. Allows you to use localized messages of the Laravel webapp (see `resources/lang` directory) in your Javascript code.
Similar Translations
1 (<1)
dentist_clinic — A dentist's clinic management system , allows the dentist to manage his own clinic without suffering with all the paper documents of the patient history and manipulating the patient's visits , diagnose and every aspect . this project is developed using php framework (laravel) in the server side , and the client side is developed by html, css, jquery, javascript, ajax, and bootstrap


    1 month ago
    sweet-alert (Reached 500 ⭐)
    A simple PHP package to show SweetAlerts with the Laravel Framework

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