833 (<1)
laravel-newsletter 4.2.1 — Manage newsletters in Laravel
Similar Newsletter Mail
437 (<1)
laravel-confirm-email — Add email verification to your Laravel projects
Similar Users Mail
256 (<1)
Mailgun v5.0.4 — Mailgun package for Laravel
Similar Mailgun Mail
598 (<1)
laravel-mail-preview v2.0.3 — Mail driver that saves sent mail to disk.
Similar Mail
315 (<1)
laravel-mail-css-inliner — Inline the CSS of your HTML emails using Laravel
Similar HTML Mail
4 (<1)
laravel-database-mail-templates 0.0.2 — Render Laravel mailables based on a mail template stored in the database
157 (<1)
laravel-mail-viewer v2.2.0 — View all the mailables in your laravel app at a single place
9 (<1)
mail-template — This package is a easy to use mail template collection for Laravel 5.x.
643 (<1)
mailthief — A fake mailer for Laravel Applications for testing mail.
Similar Testing
116 (<1)
laravel-sendgrid-driver 2.0.4 — This liblary can add sendgrid driver into the laravel's mail configure.


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