764 (<1)
laravel-menu v1.7.2 — A quick way to create menus in Laravel 5
Similar Menu
428 (<1)
spatie/laravel-menu — Html menu generator for Laravel
Similar HTML Menu
225 (<1)
Ekko 1.5.0 — Ekko is a Laravel helper package. It helps you mark currently active menu item in your navbar.
512 (<1)
laravel-console-menu v1.0.3 — Beautiful PHP CLI menus. Is a php-school/cli-menu wrapper for Laravel/Artisan Console Commands
Similar Command Line
1 (<1)
nurmanhabib/laravel-menu 4.1.1 — Menu for Laravel
54 (<1)
artisan-menu v1.0.1 — Artisan Menu - Use Artisan via an elegant console GUI
8 (<1)
laravel-menu-builder — Menu builder package for Laravel 5.x
121 (<1)
menus v3.1 — :pushpin: Menu generator package for the Laravel 5 framework
40 (<1)
MenuCRUD — An admin panel for menu items, using Backpack\CRUD on Laravel 5.
8 (<1)
rinvex/menus — Rinvex Menus is a simple menu builder package for Laravel, that supports hierarchical structure, ordering, and styling with full flexibility using presenters for easy styling and custom structure of menu rendering.

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