3752 (<1)
laravel-mongodb v3.4.5 — A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
Similar MongoDB
44 (<1)
laravel-permission-mongodb v1.10.0 — Associate users with roles and permissions using Laravel and mongodb
Similar MongoDB
203 (<1)
mongolid-laravel v2.2.1 — Easy, powerful and ultrafast MongoDB ODM for Laravel.
Similar MongoDB
51 (<1)
laravel-mongodb-session — A MongoDB session driver for Laravel
Similar MongoDB
22 (<1)
mikelbring/Mongor — Laravel MongoDB Package
Similar MongoDB
44 (<1)
laravel-mongodb-sentry — An extension for Laravel-MongoDB that lets you work with Sentry
Similar MongoDB
46 (<1)
irclogs — A logger for #laravel, built with Laravel and MongoDB
Similar Applications MongoDB
68 (<1)
26 (<1)
laravel-mongo-auth — A native mongodb authentication driver for laravel.
Similar MongoDB
6 (<1)
laravel-mongodb-passport-fix — Updates passport models to use the MongoDB Models


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