Nested Set

1720 (<1)
laravel-nestedset v4.3.3 — Effective tree structures in Laravel 4-5
Similar Nested Set
191 (<1)
laravel-nestable — Laravel 5 nested category/menu generator
Similar Nested Set
1904 (<1)
baum — Baum is an implementation of the Nested Set pattern for Laravel's Eloquent ORM.
Similar Nested Set
38 (<1)
NestableCollection v1.1.12 — A Laravel Package that extends Eloquent\Collection to handle nested items following adjacency list model.
Similar Nested Set Collections
3 (<1)
laravel-nested-set — Add nested set functionality to any Eloquent model.
0 (<1)
C4Tech/laravel-nested-sets — A nested set implementation for easy extension.
18 (<1)
nestedset — Nested set implementation for Eloquent models in Laravel.
5 (<1)
LaravelNestedSet — Nested Set Model for Laravel
50 (<1)
laravel-taggable — Taggable Trait for using tag inside Laravel Eloquent models, with Baum's Nested Set pattern support.

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