2288 (<1)
laravel-dompdf v0.8.2 — A DOMPDF Wrapper for Laravel
Similar PDF Invoicing
173 (<1)
laravel-pdf v2.0.3 — :page_facing_up: Easily generate PDF documents from HTML inside of Laravel 5
Similar PDF
1105 (<1)
laravel-snappy v0.4.1 — Laravel Snappy PDF
Similar PDF
8 (<1)
laravel-pdfmerger 1.0.3 — A FPDI PDF Wrapper for Laravel which includes the "merge" functionality
94 (<1)
Invoices — Generate PDF invoices for your customers in laravel
Similar Invoicing
80 (<1)
pdf-laravel5 — DOMPDF module for Laravel 5
68 (<1)
laravel-html2pdf 1.2.5 — A Simple package for easily generating PDF documents from HTML. This package is specially for laravel but you can use this without laravel.
2 (<1)
pdfgeneratorapi-laravel — PDF Generator API for Laravel
16 (<1)
laravel-poster-generator — This collection of classes will enable you to generate posters quickly using PhantomJS. It enables the developer to easiliy implement an poster in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and let PhantomJS capture this into a image or PDF.


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