Phone numbers

833 (<1)
Laravel-Phone 4.0.3 — Phone number functionality for Laravel 5
Similar Phone numbers
765 (<1)
laravel-sms — :iphone::heavy_check_mark:A phone number validation solution based on laravel
Similar Phone numbers
27 (<1)
phone — Validate phone number format
Similar phone number format validation
2 (<1)
nova-phone-number v1.0.3 — A Laravel Nova field to format and validate phone numbers.
1 (<1)
za-phone 1.0.3 — Laravel 5.4/5.5 package that parses and validates South African phone numbers.
7 (<1)
TetraText v0.6.13 — A small text/string formatting composer package for Laravel 5 that formats numeric values, money values, phone numbers, and more. There are also some limited date functions available.
3 (<1)
Users-profile-laravel5 — A web-site which allows a user to create, read, update and delete user profiles. Those user profiles should consist of the following fields: username, e-mail-address, phone number and birth date and can get as much as info as we want
5 (<1)
contactable — Allows Laravel users to have multiple e-mail addresses and phone numbers, and log in with them
5 (<1)
tingaso — Tingaso is a Laravel-PHP/Asterisk dialer that allows its admin to generate calls based phone number ranges.
0 (<1)
api-x 1.1.0 — An unofficial Laravel package for SmartSMSSolutions' API-x. The Package that helps deliver SMS to phone numbers on Do Not Disturb (DND)

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