2668 (<1)
l5-repository 2.6.32 — Laravel 5 - Repositories to abstract the database layer
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615 (<1)
rinvex/repository — Rinvex Repository is a simple, intuitive, and smart implementation of Active Repository with extremely flexible & granular caching system for Laravel, used to abstract the data layer, making applications more flexible to maintain.
Similar Repositories Caching
83 (<1)
Repoist — Laravel 5 repository generator.
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714 (<1)
repository — Laravel Repositories is a package for Laravel 5 which is used to abstract the database layer. This makes applications much easier to maintain.
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73 (<1)
warehouse — Artesãos Warehouse - A simple and direct approach to repositories!
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72 (<1)
laravel-repository v2.2.1 — Repository Design Pattern for Laravel 5 with Eloquent or Collection
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69 (<1)
laravel-db-normalizer — Normalize all database results to one unified interface, to make swapping repositories a breeze.
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61 (<1)
anlutro/laravel-repository 0.7.9 — Pseudo-repositories on top of Laravel's ORM
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6 (<1)
laravel-ddd-bowling-alley — Repository for a blog post i wrote.
6 (<1)
matthewbdaly/laravel-repositories 1.2.0 — A base repository class and interface, together with a caching decorator. Extend them for use in your own projects

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