688 (<1)
laravel-tagging 2.2.3 — Tag support for Laravel Eloquent models - Taggable Trait
Similar Tagging
542 (<1)
laravel-tags 2.1.5 — Add tags and taggable behaviour to your Laravel app
Similar Tagging
267 (<1)
eloquent-taggable 3.4.1 — Easily add the ability to tag your Eloquent models in Laravel.
Similar Tagging
98 (<1)
tags — A Tagging package that easily allows you to add tags to your Eloquent models.
2 (<1)
taggable-file-cache — A Laravel file cache driver that supports tagging
9 (<1)
alternative-laravel-cache — Replacements for Laravel's redis and file cache stores that properly implement tagging idea
7 (<1)
CommentsManager 2.4.7 — Laravel Enso Comments package, allowing for a straightforward collaboration and interaction between users, with policy enforced rules, real time notifications, user tagging and more
0 (<1)
anorgan/laravel-cache — This package aims to help with caching of models by tagging them and invalidating caches on model change.
41 (<1)
WhatTheTag — A Laravel 5.5 Photo Tagging Web Application


    2 months ago
    laravel-tags (Reached 500 ⭐)
    Add tags and taggable behaviour to your Laravel app

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