73 (<1)
laravel-imageupload — Upload image using Laravel's build in function and resize it automatically.
Similar Media / Files Upload Image Manipulation
559 (<1)
laravel-stapler v1.0.09 — Stapler-based file upload package for the Laravel framework.
Similar Media / Files Upload
432 (<1)
laravel-imageup 1.0.5 — Auto Image & file upload, resize and crop for Laravel eloquent model using Intervention image
79 (<1)
laravel-uploader — :palm_tree: An upload component that allows you to save more time playing LOL.
97 (<1)
laravel-chunk-upload v1.2.8 — The basic implementation for chunk upload with multiple providers support like jQuery-file-upload, pupload, DropZone and resumable.js
30 (<1)
laravel-smartmd v1.0.0 — A simple markdown editor compatible most markdown parse,You can choose any parse methods on server or client,like Mathematical formula、flowchart、upload image...
92 (<1)
JoeDawson/youtube — Upload a video to a single YouTube channel with Laravel 5.
Similar Video
19 (<1)
laravel-chunk-upload-example — Example project for laravel-chunk-upload
2 (<1)
CodeTube-Laravel — CodeTube Laravel is Create, Read, Update, Delete, Pagination, Search, Upload, and more using Laravel Framework
66 (<1)
laravel-upload-manager v0.5.0 — Upload, validate, storage, manage by API for Laravel 5.1/5.2

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