5100 (+2)
laravel-permission 2.28.2 — Associate users with roles and permissions
Similar Roles and Permissions Users
599 (<1)
laravel-impersonate 1.2.3 — Laravel Impersonate is a plugin that allows you to authenticate as your users.
Similar Users User Impersonation
5976 (<1)
entrust 1.9.1 — Role-based Permissions for Laravel 5
Similar Roles and Permissions Users
652 (<1)
laravel-user-verification v7.0.1 — PHP package built for Laravel 5.* to easily handle a user email verification and validate the email
Similar Users
677 (<1)
teamwork 5.2.0 — User to Team associations with invitation system for the Laravel 5 Framework
Similar Users
450 (<1)
laravel-confirm-email — Add email verification to your Laravel projects
Similar Users Mail
1163 (<1)
sentinel — A framework agnostic authentication & authorization system.
Similar Users Authentication
233 (<1)
PermissionManager 3.12.6 — Admin interface for managing users, roles, permissions, using Backpack CRUD
Similar Roles and Permissions Users
478 (<1)
sudo-su — Laravel package to easily login as other users during development.
Similar Users User Impersonation
106 (<1)
laravel-online-users — Easily retrieve a list of users and guests that are online.
Similar Users


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